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Family Dental Care in Jarrell
Family Dental Care in Jarrell
Family Dental Care in Jarrell
Family Dental Care in Jarrell

Welcome to Jarrell Dental Care

Located in the friendly community of Jarrell, Texas, Jarrel Dental Care is family dental care provider. We offer a personalized approach for your family and our services benefit every age group.

We are proud of providing the Best Dental Care in Jarrell, Tx and with a focus on preventive dentistry, we strive to educate patients about good oral hygiene practices to ensure long-lasting dental health for the whole family.

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Dental Team at Jarrel Dental Care

Our Dental Team

Our Team for your Dental care includes the top Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and staff who are trained and certified professionals to give you the best dental care in.

At Jarrel Dental Care our staff is committed to regularly updating their knowledge and abilities. They do this by participating in regular training sessions and remaining up to date on developments in dentistry. In order to provide the finest level of care to our patients, we always ensure that we are up to speed on everything from innovative therapies to cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Evangelos Akli (Orthodontist)

Dr. Evangelos Akli completed his studies at the University of Athens in Greece where he achieved his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and graduated first in his class. He was then offered a scholarship to move to the US and pursue his Master of Science in Dentistry degree at Saint Louis University. He there received the class award for best research and was invited to present his findings at various Universities in South Korea and Brazil. Dr. Akli is now a Board-certified Orthodontist.

Dr. Akli was inspired to become an Orthodontist by his dad with whom he shares the same passion. He is passionate about his work and loves being able to give his patients the smile that they always dreamt of. He is driven by his daily interaction with his patients and loves how their personality grows as they build confidence in their smiles. Dr. Akli takes pride in the attention to detail that he puts in every time he sees his patients. When he isn't practicing dentistry, Dr. Akli enjoys working out, cooking, spending time with friends, and hopping around the beautiful Greek islands.

Dr. Evangelos Akli Jarrel Dental Care

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