Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral Cancer Screening Jarrell, Tx

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

We acknowledge that all oral health issues are significant, but oral cancer is the one that is particularly harmful. Oral cancer is on the rise in the USA, although the likelihood of survival is greatly increased by early identification. At Jarrell Dental Care we advise everyone to have frequent dental exams and screenings. Especially if you fall into one of the high-risk categories, you should be on the lookout for any changes or irregularities that could be symptoms of infection, decay, or oral cancer at home. Our team of experts is always monitoring the mouth for any indications of these conditions.

How to get a Oral Cancer Screening?

In order to efficiently and securely check for oral cancer, Jarrell Dental Care uses oral cancer screening technologies. For examining your mouth, we'll utilise the tiny handheld equipment to illuminate any tissue anomalies without the need for dyes or rinses. It is a simple and easy procedure that simply might save your life.

During the initial exam any visible abnormalities will be recorded

In case abnormal growth or discoloration is found tissues will be collected and will be sent for a biopsy

Once we get result we will inform you rightaway

If the tissue is found to be of malignent origin, we'll refer you to an oncologist

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening aims to detect the disease early, when there is a better possibility of curing it. Oral cancer screenings may be more advantageous for people who have a high risk of developing the disease because early identification can improve the effectiveness of therapy.

However, the oral cancer screening itself cannot save lives, and your dentist can help only in its identifaction, we can neither prevent nor treat oral cancer.

If you are among the high risk groups of Oral Cancer, visit us for a oral cancer screening.