Panoramic Radiographs

Panoramic Radiographs
Panoramic Radiographs
Panoramic Radiographs
Panoramic Radiographs
Panoramic Dental X-rays Jarrell, Tx

What is Panoramic Radiographs?

Panoramic dental x-rays capture the entire mouth in a single image, in contrast to other types of dental x-rays that only show one tooth or a portion of the mouth. To obtain xrays with the finest resolution and contrast possible for you to receive better diagnosis and care, Jarrell Dental Care uses the most recent OPG machines. These x-rays are used by dentists and oral surgeons to identify dental issues and formulate treatment plans, particularly for restorative dentistry procedures including dental implants, teeth alignment, and orthodontic operations

How do Panaromic Radiographs Help?

Dental radiography makes dental problems that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to discover visible to dentists and oral surgeons. These consist of:

On a panoramic x-ray, fillings, tooth decay, and impacted wisdom teeth are all easily seen.

Infections of the teeth, such as abscesses near the tip of the tooth's root or beneath the gum line.

Tumours connected to oral or jaw cancer.

Loss of jawbone tissue brought on by gum disease or a lost tooth and diagnosis of inherited conditions like hyperdontia and hypodontia

Is Getting a Panaromic Radiograph Safe?

Dental x-rays are seen to be extremely safe when carried out in accordance with the proper safety procedures, including those mentioned above. While panoramic dental x-rays expose the patient to a little quantity of radiation, this radiation is not retained in the body after the procedure. The quantity of radiation exposure from a dental x-ray is not seen as a risk, not even for infants and young children who are more susceptible to it.

A panoramic dental x-ray of the teeth is necessary for some diagnoses. Panoramic x-rays are performed without any equipment being placed within the mouth, in contrast to other types of x-rays. For baby and toddler teeth x-rays, this is frequently the recommended procedure because of this.

Are you looking out for a better way to get diagnosis for your oral and dental problems? Don't wait, Visit Jarrell Dental Care for a Panaromic Radiograph now.