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Six Strategies to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Winter Holidays

Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Six Strategies to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Winter Holidays
December 05, 2023

In case you didn’t know, winter is the worst season for tooth decay. If you didn’t, you might be inviting teeth issues when the temperature drops. When the weather gets cold, your teeth are more likely to break or become sensitive to cold temperatures. Keeping your teeth healthy throughout the winter is easy if you follow these six guidelines.

6 Winter Holidays Dental Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Book Your Dental Appointment for the Winter

If you aren’t ready for the changes that happen in your mouth due to the winter weather, you’re asking for trouble. A visit to the dentist at the beginning of winter is the greatest approach to safeguard your teeth. Because your teeth enlarge in cold temperatures, tiny fissures in the enamel might form. Your enamel could be severely damaged if the cracks are allowed to grow untreated for an extended period of time.

Modify Your Toothbrushing Technique

If you have sensitive teeth, you should adjust your brushing technique during the winter. To begin, to avoid damaging your sensitive tooth enamel, use a toothbrush with soft bristles. The second step is to use a sensitive tooth paste instead of regular toothpaste. Third, eliminate plaque, which can lead to cavities, by brushing your teeth twice daily. Instead of brushing your teeth immediately after eating, wait a few minutes. Your enamel will be safe from harm if you hold off for a little longer.

Keep an Eye on Your Gums

Getting sick with a cold or flu is practically a wintertime ritual. The viruses that cause winter sickness can also cause gum infections, which is a real bummer. If you have preexisting gum disease, this is very important to remember.

Be extra careful with your gums in the winter. Redness and inflammation should be the first things you look for. Secondly, avoid touching your lips in any way with your bare hands or fingers. The third piece of advice is to use an antimicrobial mouthwash twice daily.

Obtain an Appropriate Mouth Guard

A good mouth guard is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who participates in winter sports played outside. In addition to shielding your teeth from the freezing temperatures, a quality mouth guard can prevent damage to your teeth in the event of an accident. A personalized mouth guard, fit by your dentist, will provide you with the highest level of protection. Typically, the mouth guards sold in stores are not custom-fitted to each individual’s teeth. But your personalized mouth guard is tailor-made to fit your unique jaw size and shape.

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Stay Warm

Wrap your neck and face in protective clothing before you head out the door. Winter scarves have other purposes besides keeping the neck warm. In addition, they provide jaw and tooth protection. Cold weather takes a toll on your gums, teeth, and jawbone when it reaches your neck and face. To protect your teeth from the cold, wrap yourself with a scarf throughout winter. A thick scarf can also keep the cold out of your throat if you usually breathe through your mouth.

Up Your Water Consumption

In the winter, it’s bad for your teeth to drink coffee, tea, or hot cocoa instead of water. The heightened danger to your teeth is due to multiple factors. To start, a lack of access to clean water throughout the winter can lead to dehydration. Also, your mouth stops making saliva when you’re dehydrated.

Another important point to notice is that bacteria thrive in an atmosphere devoid of saliva. The combination of the sugar spike and the subsequent rise in bacterial populations ultimately leads to teeth rotting. Keep your teeth healthy by drinking lots of water throughout the winter.


Keep your teeth healthy during winter. Keep your teeth from decay by following these techniques. Make an appointment with Jarrell Dental Care in Jarrell, Tx by calling at 737-234-0780 today for additional advice on how to keep your teeth safe from winter damage.