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Treating a sensitive tooth

Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Family Dentist in Jarrell, Texas
Treating a sensitive tooth
August 23, 2023

Sweet and sour meals, as well as cold air, can occasionally cause tooth sensitivity. If you experience tooth sensitivity frequently, it may be time to discuss the likelihood that you have sensitive teeth with your dentist. Knowing what might be causing tooth sensitivity helps treat it. Finding a solution is possible once the problem has been identified.

7 ways that can help you treat a sensitive tooth

Protect Your Enamel

That strong, shielding covering that enables your teeth to withstand everything you subject them to is known as Enamel. Pain-producing nerve endings become open when the enamel wears off. It is due to this you’d feel pain whenever these nerve endings come in contact with a thing that can stimulate them.

Don’t scrub your teeth too vigorously. Scrubbing vigorously will only damage your enamel further.

Eat and drink less acidic things

All kinds of sweets damage the enamel, including soda, sticky candies, and high-sugar carbohydrates. Replacing sweets with fruits and vegetables, Cheese, Milk, or simple yogurt will help hydrate your mouth and aid in the fight against germs and acids that can erode your teeth.

Sip on Suger Free Drinks More Often

You should sip on plain water, black or green tea to keep your mouth clean. Don’t hurry to brush right away if you do consume something acidic. Before you scrub, give the area a few hours to strengthen.

Stop Grinding Teeth

Your enamel gradually erodes if you grind your teeth. Dealing with your stress can occasionally solve the issue. Your dentist at Jarrell Dental Care for a mouth guard.

If the issue is serious, you might require muscle relaxants or dental procedures to move your teeth.

Skip Teeth Whitening for a While

The pursuit of whiter teeth could make you suffer. Happily, bleaching-related discomfort usually fades quickly. See your dentist to determine whether you should continue the treatment and how it may be affecting you.

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Find the source of the Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity may occasionally be an indication of other problems, such as:

  • Receding Gums
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Smoking
  • A fractured tooth or filling

Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity

In Order to reduce your discomfort your dentist might prescribe medication and use various procedures like:

  • Toothpaste for teeth that are sensitive
  • The fluoride gel
  • Filling or Gingival or Bone Grafting to cover exposed roots
  • Sealants
  • If you grind your teeth, your dentist might suggest you wear a mouthguard
  • A root canal treatment to eliminate the infection.

Also, it’s critical to get dental care for tooth sensitivity as avoiding it might make the problem more complicated. Brush Twice-daily and floss will keep your teeth healthy and pain-free. Moreover, visit your dentist twice a year for a checkup. At Jarrell Dental Care in Jarrell, Texas, we provide the best Dental Treatments for a range of dental issues. Contact us at 737-234-0780 to schedule an appointment.